HVCC Pirates

Week #1

Welcome aboard the Wormwood

after a night of drinking and debauchery the group awoke aboard the sea vessel known as The Wormwood by a callous little man called master scourge. after a very short introduction to the ships captain, Barnabas Harrigan, the ships first mate assigned them jobs. The group quickly learned that Master Scourge held no love for them and was all too eager to punish them for jobs not done up to his specifications. But even the darkest nights has a small spec of light and this light spec went by the name Sandara Quinn. Quinn immediately proved herself to be a friend of the group by returning a few pieces of their equipment to them and giving them a very helpful piece of advice.

“on a pirate ship, it’s not what you know but who you know that helps you get by. Friends help each
other out, enemies cause trouble—on a crowded pirate ship, this fact is essential for basic survival.”

And so they set off, splitting any time they could spare between trying to retrieve their gear from the ships surly quartermaster Cut-Throat Grok and attempting to gain allys. together Jhonathan and Gazmar were able to befriend a quiet young man named Azoth while [Carolyn] earned the eternal gratitude of a small halfling named Rosie Cusswell by retrieving her violin for her. All the while scourge and his dogs continued to bully the group wearing away at them little by little.

as each day wears on the groups patience grows ever thinner, eventually something has to give.



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