HVCC Pirates

Week #2

Storms a Brewin

As the wormwoods long and arduous journey continues the groups campaign to gain allies does as well. But their progress has been slow and has not gone unnoticed. Master Scourge, whom has set himself against the group from the start, has decided to knock the group down a few pegs.

It started as nothing more than spreading a few false rumors about the group to the right people and doling out punishments whenever the opportunity arose. But when those tactics proved futile he tried to humiliate them in front of the whole crew. For his first attempt he tried to goad one of the group members into a fight with a man known as “olwbear” Hartshorn but this plan backfired when Jhonathan Ausk defeated owlbear with 3 blows earning him the respect and/or fear of many crew members. His second attempt, in which he sent the group into a nearby reef that he knew to be infested with reefclaws to fetch some crabs for the nights meal, backfired as well when instead of being mauled and possibly injured by the reefclaws as he had intended the group collected the reefclaws (unknown to scourge to be a delicacy) and brought them to the ships cook alongside the crabs for the nights meal.

Before Scourge could try again though a storm hit the wormwood forcing him to put his petty squabbles on the back burner. The storm raged through the night tossing the wormwood around like a toy. All crew were called to the rigging even those who proved quite unskilled at climbing. fortunately Tilly Brackett aided those who needed it. that is untill a hard buck from the ship and an incorrectly tied knot lauched tilly into the sea. to master scourges great dislike the group immediatly abandened their posts to try to aid tilly before it was too late. working together the group was able to get a rope to tilly and haul her in before she was lost at sea.

Saving tilly earned the group the repect and admiration of many of the ships crew which in turn has infuriated scourge even more. Now Scourge is on a warpath. willing to do anything and everything he can to get rid of this “menace” even if it means breaking a few rules to do it.



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