HVCC Pirates

Week #3

A pirates life for me.

Frustrated with the groups constant success over his scheming Master Scourge enlisted the aid of the ships sadistic first mate Mister Plugg. While scourge was only a minor nuisance Plugg proved to be a significantly more vile and dangerous enemy.

He constantly chastised the group while they worked and even began giving out harsh and uncalled for punishments to their allies. He even went as far as to send [Mark] down into the bilges to a waiting ambush. This would have spelled the end for mark had it not been for the timely assistance of Yul Brenner who had escaped from his shackles.

Pluggs tactics seemed to be working as once allies began to turn their backs on the group and even those who cared nothing for the group one way or another began to despise them. Before plugg could make his next move though a Rahadoumian ship was spotted and persuit ensued. With the captain on deck and the crew tense with the expectations of battle Plugg didnt dare make his move.

The next morning battle ensued the wormwood quickly gaining on the Rahadoumian ship now known to be “The Mans Promise”. [carolyn] was put in charge of the groups boarding party and told their mission. they were to board the mans promise and make for the aft deck. Once there they were to secure the ships stern and and lifeboats nearby to prevent escape. This would have been a relatively straightforward task had it not been for the fog. as the ships made contact a thick magically conjoured from covered both ships greatly inmparing vision meaning that the group would have to rely on sound alone to figure out the location of any enemies at a distance.

The group decided to split up and surround the enemy destroying them from all sides but unfortunately complications arose causing jhonathan to fall into the ocean and [Mark] to be stranded in the center of a group of Rahadoumian sailors. Fortunately the group was able to recover (barely) and they continued on their mission.

After clearing off the last of the sailors on the aft deck the group tried to see whatever they could of what was going on with the rest of the ship. It was at that moment that the captain Harrigan came into view wielding a bloodied rapier in one hand and the half eaten heart of some unfortunate foe in the other. The noticed somthing else as well though. Unbeknownst to the captain an enemy swiftly approached from behind him intent on sending harrigan to a watery grave. working purely on instinct [Nate] yelled a warning to the captain just in time for him to prevent the attack from hitting.

By the end of the battle the group had sent 13 unlucky Rahadoumian sailors to a very unfortunate end and Harrigan found himself in ownership of a second ship. The wormwoods crew celebrated through the night drinking and swapping battle stories with their fellow shipmates. For the first tiem since being pressganged the group and their allies felt the joy of piracy. This joy was short lived though. As captain Harrigan announced that many of the wormwoods crew would sail the newly aquired ship back to port under the command of the heartless first mate Mister Plugg



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