HVCC Pirates

Week #4


For five painfully long days the group was forced to endure under the tyranical rein of Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge. Five days of watching their friend and allies beaten into unconsciousness, of watching former friends turn to enemies in fear of facing Pluggs wrath, of searching for a way out.

As the punishments grew harsher and more numerous whispers of mutiny began to circulate about the ship. Fearing that his enemies may be more numerous than he intended Plugg turned to [nate] to cut a bargain. Plugg told nate that he had no intention of turning in the Mans Promise for scrap but was instead planned on having it “squibed” and set out with his own crew and offered [nate] and officers position on that crew if he would weed out the mutineers and the weak. while cautious at first[nate] decided to play along and try to use this situation to his advantage.

Unfortunately before he could do anything more than test Mr. Pluggs trust the “Mans Promise” was hit by a storm. This one accompanied by a grindylow raiding party. the grindylows had ripped a hole in the lower decks of the ship and had already dragged Sandara Quinn and Yul Brenner out before the group was able to chase them off. Once topside the group could see that more grindylows had climbed aboard the ship and were attempting to abduct more of the crew. Raris Krine and Azoth were both taken by the nights end. and to make matters worse the ship was run aground and was taking on water.

Mr. Plugg decided to have [Nate] gather a small crew and head to one of the nearby islands to resupply while the rest of the crew stayed behind to repair the ship. when asked about the missing crew members Plugg stated to leave them for dead. [Nate] Gathered the rest of the group as well as Thundering Mountain and set out aboard one of the ships dingys.

Once there the group found Azoth laying on the shore alive but unconcious as well as evidence that the grindylows had brought their captives to this island. They decided to follow the trail left by the grindylows and see where it leads them. Unfortunately for the group it lead them through a botfly infested swamp, the feeding grounds of two giant frogs, a wraithe covered campsite and a beach filled with giant coconut crabs all while contending with a massive outbreak of ghoul fever. by time dusk came along the group, battered and weary , decided to spend the night at an old abandoned fort atop a nearby hill. But even that proved to be a challenge as they had to push the forts current residents, a botfly infected ghoul and a pair of vine chokers, out before they were going to get any rest.



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