"Badger" Medlar

an older woman who shaves her grey hair into stripes


An older woman whose nickname comes from the fact that she shaves her grey hair into stripes leaving only the very long braids in the back giving her the appearance of a badger. while she is an older woman she has aged quite well even for a half elf and more than one man (and even a woman or two) has tried to find their way into her bunk.

While Badgers body may have a certain charm to it her attitude does not. Cold, cruel, and fierce she has made quite a few enemies during her time on the wormwood. Now only the most vile of shipmates can endure her company.


Badger shares very little about her past other than the fact that this is not her first time out to sea and she does not plan for it to be her last.

"Badger" Medlar

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