Jack Scrimshaw

This young blond child looks no older than 16 but from the sly smile that constantly adorns his face the the two beautifly scrimshawed scimitars at his hips you know that this young man is more than meets the eye


Young and restless Jacks pompus attatude has made him plenty of enemies but his steady hand and incredible abilities at scrimshaw and forgery has made him too valuable to get rid of.


Jack was always a bit too mouthy for his own good. Fortunately for him most people let him get away with it. Being the local gangs favorite forger will do that. Unfortunately for Jake his big mouth and love of women eventually caught up with him. After a quick tryst with a young woman, whome he did not know to be the gang leaders daughter, Jack found himself on the run for his life. For months Jack ran from country to country trying to find someplace that he could stay hidden but to no avail. Eventually he decided that the only place he could go to get away from his past was open waters.

Jack Scrimshaw

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