The very definition of a pirate. with one hand one leg and one eye this old man is rarely seen above decks.


On the very rare occasion he does come above deck its to accompany Caulky Tarroon on her food run for the officers. he very rarely says anything but when he does the whole ship listens. his garb finer than even the captains, usually consists of all black save for a single crimson sash around his waist. Hes often accompanied by a large black raven which has lead to the crew refering to him as ravenbeared.


Very little know anything about Ravenbeard and those that do refuse to tell. Even his real name is a closely guarded secret most of the officers when referring to him just call him “the old man”. There is a rumor floating around the ship that he was the one who taught harrigan the trade or even that he may be harrigans father, but these rumors have no bearing and are more than likely nothing more than the crews imagination.


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