Thundering Mountain

This massive catfolk towers at over 7 feet tall, he wears very little in the way of cloathing instead prefering to show off his black striped and jagged scar covered body to would be attackers


contrary to his name thundering mountain can be found more often than not meditating in one of the corners of the crews quarters. while not outwardly cruel or meanspirited to anyone he also is not very kind and makes no effort to engage in conversation even if the conversation is directed to him. this has earned the ire of many of the crew aboard the wormwood including his master Gao Jeong.


Mountain grew up among the monks of Tien in a temple long forgotten by most high up in the mountains. One day a trading caravan came through to trade some goods for knowledge (uncommon but not unheard of in this particular temple). Upon completion of their business the traders asked for some protection to accompany them on their way back down the mountains. The monks gladly complied. Upon reaching the bottom of the mountain the traders betrayed the monks enslaving those who would submit and killing those who would not. And so thundering mountain became a slave under the ownership of the cruel and cunning Gao-Jeong. Forced to protect the man who killed his people from his many enemies and forced to kill many innocents in the process. Mountain does not know why he and Goa are aboard the wormwood but he assumes that Gao is looking to expand his slave trade into the territory of the free captains.

Thundering Mountain

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