Tag: Hostile


  • Mister Plugg

    Mr. Plugg is an angry young man. He’s always furious about something, but somehow his rage simmers like a stew, and even when he loses his temper he quickly seems to gain control again. A sadist and bully, Plugg has had a hard, desperate life—few …

  • Master Scourge

    Master Scourge is the Wormwood’s boatswain and master at arms, and Mr. Plugg’s right-hand man. As boatswain, he is in charge of all activities and sailors on deck, and as master-at-arms, he is responsible for discipline.

  • "Badger" Medlar

    Badger shares very little about her past other than the fact that this is not her first time out to sea and she does not plan for it to be her last.

  • Crimson "Cog" Cogward

    Cog is a dime a dozen criminal. Born and raised in a tough neighborhood he leaned to fight to survive, and he learned to like it, a lot. And so Cog the boy fighting and scrapping to survive became Cog the man fighting and scrapping to survive. The only …